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Joomla Component Global Models

One thing that I often find necessary when creating a custom component in Joomla is the need to have a “Global” model that I can use in some or all of my views. It took me awhile to find documentation on this and what I did find was outdated documentation, so I think it is worth providing some here…

I will use some simple code examples so you can get an idea of how it works.

Prerequisite knowledge

1. Create your global model

Create a file called “global.php” and place it in the “models” folder of you component.

Insert the following code…[global.php]

defined('_JEXEC') or die ('Resctricted access');
class CustomComponentModelGlobal extends JModel
	var $data = null;
	function getData()
			$this->data = "My Global Data";		
		return $this->data;

2. Modify Controller Code

We will modify the code of the display method in the controller to make our global model available in all of the views.


function display()
	$view = JRequest::getVar('view');
		JRequest::setVar('view', 'default');
	$model = $this->getModel('Global');
	$document =& JFactory::getDocument();
	$viewType	= $document->getType();
	$viewName	= $view;
	$view = & $this->getView( 
                             array( 'base_path'=>$this->_basePath));

3. Access the Global model in the view


function display($tpl=null)
	 * The model can now be accessed in the view
	 * in either way below
	$data =& $this->get('data', 'Global');
        $globalModel = $this->getModel('Global');
        $data =& $globalModel->getData();
        //assign the data to a ref for output in the html
        $this->assignRef('myGobalData', $data);

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  1. Corey says

    Thanks for this, truly. I’m trying to develop a custom component and I will definitely use this.

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